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What's in a Name? Hygge TX

When searching for a potential name for my CBD store, I stumbled across the word Hygge (/ˈh(j)uːɡə/; a Danish word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness contentment, and joy.

Hygge spoke to me. Warmth and coziness... you see, I had recently been diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease, Cold Agglutinin Disease (CAD). When I get cold, my body attacks itself, kills my red blood cells, causes hemolytic anemia, (etc, etc, etc). So warmth is pretty vital for my health.

The fact that hygge is all about warmth, simplicity, and joy sold me on the name. I added TX to it because, well, I'm a native Texan, not Danish. And I'm quirky. #hygge

Hygge TX reflects my quirkiness.

I love holistic healing! CBD products are my go-to for alleviating pain, calming the hell down, relaxing, enhancing sex (yep I said it), and sleep. The more I learned about the cannabis plant, the more I wanted to be part of Texas' first legal hemp industry.

So, I opened a CBD store. I fell in love with hemp! It's damn versatile. I sell cannabinoid products (CBD flower, tinctures, gummies, softgels, topicals & pet products) and hemp fiber garments, backpacks, dog leashes, paper, and hemp animal bedding. About half of my CBD products are from Texas-grown hemp! #texasagriculturematters #hemplife #cbd

Since hygge is also about simple things that bring you joy, I've added non-hemp products also. Like American-made hats, essential oils, and stuff made in Texas, like beeswax candles, t-shirts, ballcaps, and artisan wood crosses. #hyggehashats #simplejoys

Hygge TX's character

Character: moral qualities. Hygge TX is very selective when choosing CBD products, providing lab-tested, quality products. If you are not familiar with CBD, I will teach you as much as you're interested in learning, working to find just the right product for YOUR needs.

Character: personality. Hygge TX reflects my personality through funky interior wall paint, a lot of plants (which are not for sale), our English Cocker pup, Liebe, (yep, we're pet-friendly), casual atmosphere, oh, and the A/C's never below 78 degrees F (iykyk).

That's Hygge TX, in a nutshell. I hope you'll visit on your next trip through Stonewall, Texas! The store is warm, but the vibe is chill. #hyggetx #stonewalltx

Peace and good greens,


btw... I was named after my dad's favorite horse! Maybe my parents smoked the good stuff after all??! What or who were you named after?

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