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Hemp-derived  CBD products cannot be purchased online. Visit our store in Stonewall, TX.

 Hygge TX specializes in Lab Tested, tried-and-true, products. With an in-house Certified Interpener we can help you find the right CBD product to suit your needs.

Made in the USA.


HEMP GUMMIES & Isolate Powder

CBD gummies and isolate powder.


CBD topicals are specially formulated to provide localized relief and help your body recover from whatever may be straining it. 

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Ethically sourced Colombian coffee infused in Colorado with US grown hemp extracts. Sträva operates in an FDA registered facility and is licensed and routinely inspected by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment.


Why Hemp?
Sustainable, eco-friendly, strong!
Check out our backpacks and clothing...make yourself happy and support our American Hemp farmers!

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Say YES to 100% sustainable paper products!  Hygge TX specializes in products

Made in the USA

out of  100% sustainable hemp and recycled materials.

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All products hand made by local artisans.

Made in Stonewall, Texas, USA


14802 East US HWY 290
PO Box 420
Stonewall, TX 78671




14802 East US HWY 290
PO Box 420
Stonewall, TX 78671